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Things to remember while counting points

Regarding the counting of points, the most important thing to remember is that only the team in the service can score points. And if the serving team commits a foul (for example, if it has not been able to return the ball within the opponent’s field of play), the opposing team does not score a point but gets the chance to serve. In doubles, before losing control of the service, both team members must have had the opportunity to serve. If a team scores a point, the same player continues to serve. If the serving team makes a mistake, it is the turn of the second member to serve. After a second fault, the other team takes control of the service. However, as being the first team to serve has a certain advantage, only one player on the team is allowed to serve for the first exchange. After this exchange, the game follows the normal rules of service. Generally, the first team to score 11 points wins the game. However, there must be at least 2 points difference between the two teams. So in the event of a 10 point tie, the first team to get a 2 point lead will win the game.

Differences between double and single

In doubles, at the time of serving, the server announces 3 numbers the score of the team serving, the score of the opposing team, then 1 or 2 depending on whether the server is the first or the second to serve in his team. In simple, the server does not need to specify the third number. Another small detail in simple when the score of the server is even (0, 2, 4, 6), it will serve automatically from the right side of the court, and from the left side when its pointing is odd (1, 3, 5). Here are several times in the space of a short time that I receive questions about setting up a personal ringtone on his iPhone when receiving a call. Here is a tutorial to define one of his music as a ringtone on his iPhone!

Follow the following instructions to set the ringtone on your iPhone

The tutorial below does not require jailbreak or third party application. You only need your iPhone, USB connection cable, iTunes software and music of your choice.

Here are a few steps how to set one of our songs as an iPhone ringtone!

Step 1) Open the music you want to ring in iTunes, then right click on it so you can go to “Get information”.

Step 2) a window opens, two things to do. Go to the “Infos” tab to rename the music with the word “title of the song   ringtone”. Go to the “Options” tab and select the music period you want with the “Start” and “End” fields. A piece of twenty seconds is enough. Once finished, click OK at the bottom right.

Step 3) in iTunes, click on the song and click on “Create AAC Version” this operation takes about 2 seconds.

Step 4) Right clicks on this song, then go back to “Get Info” and then to the “Illustrations” tab. Check that there are no album covers. If there is one, delete it and then click on the OK button on the bottom right.

Step 5) now goes get your file regarding this song in the iTunes directory on your computer. If you do not know where to look, you can find the exact location by right clicking on the song (in iTunes) and then in the “Summary” tab.

Step 6) once you have found your music file you can change its extension by putting .m4r at the end.

Step 7) then open this piece of music with iTunes, normally a new section “Sounds” on iTunes should appear.

Step 8) in iTunes, open the “Sounds” tab in the heading of your iPhone. Click on “Synchronize sounds” then “All sounds”.

Step 9) now clicks on the “Synchronize” button at the bottom right, wait a few moments.

Step 10) on your iPhone, go to the setting of ringtones, your music appears!

In addition, his secret obsession review exists. Someone with a compulsive obsession always feels the compulsion to perform certain actions, for example always checking whether the door is locked. If someone is controlled by such compulsions, the patient suffers from a compulsive disorder. A forced neurosis can consist of a hand washing ritual or repeatedly checking whether windows, doors or the gas tap are properly closed. Curative neuroses are quite rare, although lighter obsessive symptoms are likely to occur in about 15% of the population.

New Launch of Pickleball Anthem Ringtone and More

Ringtones are defined with the sound which is made when the phone or any vibrations. To be sure that, it helps to indicate the sign of alarm and any incoming calls. Nowadays, people are enjoying with the sense of beautiful sound with the help of songs and tunes. Ringtones are also called a brief audio file which is consisting of music. It becomes easy for people to recognize the phone calls in the crowd from where one can pay attention towards it.

pickleball paddle and ball

Nowadays, there are different types of ringtones are becoming trending. Somehow pickleball anthem ringtone is one of them. It helps in recognizing the way of playing the pickleball game and a beautiful expressive theme. No doubt, people are fond of such anthem and preferring for their mobile ringtone also and pickleball anthem is great to hear. If want to know more about pickleball then refer to . For promoting the pickleball is one of the reasons for launching the anthem ringtone. Now, here we are going to discuss some information which will show you the benefits of ringtone and why people are considering much.


What are the benefits of making a ringtone?

The foremost fact is that ringtone helps to hear the indication of phone calls and vibration so that one can easily pick with timely. Below are some points that are somehow the useful benefits of ringtones.

Call alert: With the help of caller tunes and ringtones, it helps to make us attentiveness while ringing of the bell or any vibration in phones. Most of the times in the crowd, people can’t be able to recognize that there are any incoming calls or not. That is somehow a reason that ringtone play an important role to make the way easy so that one will not remain in the tension of any calls.

Identification: It helps to recognize the incoming as well as the presence of any individual. Most of the time, people want to locate their cell phones which are sometimes misplaced anywhere. However, one can call on the other mobile number which will surely help to hear the ringtone voice so that we can easily find our cell phone. Such benefits make us responsible to consider the use of ringtone in every possible manner.

Mind relaxation: We can give relaxation to our mind just because of effective ringtones and music tones. It will reduce the stress of mind and so that we can perform our routine task effectively. We all know that ringtone is a priority of every cell phone just to show off in public.

Connectivity: With the use of such tones, we can make effective connectivity with others. It is all possible because of notifications and text messages which is display on the mobile screen. It will express timely so that one can receive and reply at the same time.

These above mentioned points are better for all those who want some information about ringtones. So just make sure that it will improvise your life style and make you easy to recognize the call on the phone.

FIFA 19 Theme Song Can be Your Next Ringtone

These days Ringtones are getting the hype. Most of the people are making the use of modern ringtones or musical genres. If you aren’t satisfied with your Ringtone, then you should look out one of the best ringtones on the internet. Make sure that you are selecting a top-notch ringtone that is good enough. It has become an integral part of your phone that notify you when the phone rings. Overall, Ringtone will able to add life to a cell phone. Apart from that, most of the websites are selling Ringtones at expensive worth.

It may be quite difficult to find a perfect website who is selling the Ringtone at cheaper worth. Therefore, if you are looking for the free ringtone, then the individual has to invest some time and money. Here are some essential tips that will assist you in finding the free ringtone for your Phone.

Get a suggestion from Friend

If your friend is making the use of Android or IOS technology phone, then ask home for a ringtone. Usually, they will able to send you Ringtone within a fraction of seconds. Make sure that Ringtone isn’t abusive. All you need to choose a fantastic Ringtone. Bear in mind that, if you are looking for the free ringtone then choices are limited for you.


With the help of your Cell phone Company, the individual will able to grab free Ringtones. According to professionals, some companies have promotions of free ringtones. Make sure that you are making the use of these opportunities. The individual will able to receive the text advertisement once or twice in a day. However, if you are downloading the ringtones from the promotion, then you have limited choice only.


If you have an infrared facility, then you will able to transfer or receive Ringtone with ease. With the help of Infrared, one can transfer the money without spending a single penny. Bear in mind, if you want to share ringtone, then you and your friend both have this facility. After that, one will able to save the Ringtone in the phone with ease.

Official websites

Plenty of websites are out there that are providing free ringtones. The best thing is that one can download the Ringtones with ease. All you need to look out the reputed or genuine website that will able to deliver you free ringtones. Nowadays, one will able to download the Ringtone in the fraction of seconds.

Choose Favorite Ringtone as FIFA 19

Firstly, the individual should choose one of the best Ringtone. Like, FIFA19 has become one of the most popular games which are providing enormous benefits to game lovers. The best thing is that Developers are offering FIFA19 which is getting Famous in the world. And the theme song which is great to the ears.

Here is a Soundtrack of FIFA 19

Pay for Favorite ones

If you are looking for the best ringtones, then you should make the use of the paid section. You will surely find favorite ringtones in the paid section.

Moving further, with the help of above-mentioned vital points individual will able to find the best Ringtones with ease.

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